Keynote/Boardwatch Internet Backbone Index A better test!!!

I'm not a marketing droid. But only a moron would think that overall
performance would NOT affect the download of a web page, which is
essentially what you are attempting to say.

Many, many things will affect the download of a web page,
when it's an internal server the primary one being where
that server is relative to the customer dialins, and how
the internal network congestion is handled.

This particular test would favor sites whose backbone is highly
optimized for their customers getting to their own web server,
and only their own web server. Most servers are put where their
access is best balanced, and for nearly all servers, that's closer
to the outside world than internal customers, because the vast
majority of connections are external.

This test completely missed any issues related to inter-ISP
connectivity and performance. You could score at the top of the
pack with a ISP which was disconnected from the rest of the
internet during the test period, in fact, a key indicator that
the measurement is nearly worthless as an overall gage.

-george william herbert
I speak only for myself, and occationally my cats.