Keeping the list on-topic

Just a quick reminder that this is a list for discussing Internet
operations. Topics that don't have to do with Internet operations should be discussed elsewhere.

Operational topics might include how to provide connectivity to networks in China (although that could arguably fall outside the North American part of the list name), how to provide or restore connectivity to hurricane damaged regions, and how to connect to Google, as well as all sorts of other operational topics that we're hopefully all familiar with.

Non-operational topics, which may be important but should be discussed elsewhere, include civil rights in China, charity fundraising, and Google's hiring practices (unless there end up being so many network operators working for Google that there's nobody left to operate the rest of the Internet...).

That somebody else is posting off-topic stuff doesn't mean you should too, even if they're blatantly wrong about civil rights in China, or who works for Google, or whether their non-profit needs money, and even if that makes you angry.

Please exercise a bit of self-control. Your fellow list members will appreciate it, as will the list administrators.

Steve Gibbard
NANOG List Administration Group