Katrina Relief

I know this is not the proper place to advertise, but in this situation
I hope all of you can understand.
This list is a great tool to get information out to the core of the
communications industry.
I would be foolish not to tap it as a resource for assistance in this
disaster. Feel free to kick me off if you need to.

I have worked in the communications industry for aprox. 13 years. I know
what people in this industry can do when they combine their talents.
I am running the communications for a non-profit organization in Johnson
Bayou Louisiana. (Please feel free to verify)
I ask that you visit www.itcouldhavebeenus.com and help me spread the
word. My home is only 1 mile from the Gulf of Mexico and only 200mi from
New Orleans. The tragedy that the people of New Orleans are dealing with
is one that I or my children WILL have to face at some point. The people
of Cameron Parish Louisiana are trying to help in any way possible.

Since last Tuesday I and several others working in our relief effort
have tried reaching the Federal and State resources that our tax dollars
pay for.
I'm sure it will not surprise you to know that we have yet to reach
ANYONE that can give us REAL help!

Organizations like ours are towing the line for these political do
nothings. I understand that they have their hands full, but it isn't
helping us take care of the 300 plus evacuees we are helping. (More
coming) This disaster will take years to manage. I ask that you please
help me reach others that can help us.

Thank you.

Tracey Webb