However, a coordinated effort to block them all could, correct? Kind of
like the sanity filters at customer borders. Don't allow traffic into your
network that doesn't originate from their assigned network numbers. If
everyone were to block the ranges no one would get polluted...

So is it my understanding that it is technically possible, but logistically
impossible to coordinate? If we were to block them, then we wouldn't have
to worry about every idiosyncracy of BIND, both known and yet to be found.

would an anti-kashpureff bgp feed fix the dns pollution problems similar to
the anti spam black list. If yes, is it collusion which would be
prosecutable? If no, what are the TECHNICAL reasons it wouldn't work.


No, because *ANY* nameserver which gets the pollution can then pollute you.

Since you can't cut off EVERY nameserver with such a feed, it is pointless
to attempt it.

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Probably. We can't even get everyone to adopt sanity filters for IP
traffic. Now you want everyone to packet filter themselves from certain
name servers?