karl and paul, expostulating

What does it take to get removed from the list? Is there some kind of
an appeal process?

All someone has to do is call me and talk to me about why they were blocked
and tell me what arrangements they've made to kill off their local spammers
and fix their AUP and make sure they won't be used as a mail relay for non-
local mail. It's quite simple, actually, and it happens a couple of times
per week.

The lawsuit threats I receive tend to stretch the process out a bit. An
actual lawsuit would probably stretch things out a LOT. I'll let y'all know
when someone finally makes good on one of their threats.

Anyway, if the access to f.root-servers.net is not blocked to anyone,
then the whole discussion has come to its end, I guess.

It is for now, I'm assembling the hardware and IP addresses needed to slide
it onto its own subnet. By next week, F should be outside the blackhole's
sphere of influence.

> ..., even though your implicatory tone is very damaging to you.
                             What is that supposed to mean?

I will point it out and explain it in detail next time it happens.