karl and paul, expostulating

> What's so elegant about that if a spammer with elementary knowledge
> about SMTP and DNS can easily bounce his stuff off of any of the
> thousands of unsuspecting hosts and/or use unsuspecting forwarding
> name servers in the slave mode?

[ ... ... ]

They rotate phaser frequencies, we rotate shield frequencies. And while
the war of escalation goes on, providers are educated -- and that's the
real goal, so no matter who's "winning" at the moment, *I* am winning.

  make that "we".


Because of the split tracks at the NANOG meeting Stan Barber couldn't take
minutes of the Exchange Point Engineering and Flow Switching Analysis
BOF's. I took minutes on paper the old fashioned way and have now
transcribed them to HTML at http://www.memra.com/bofnote1.html
and http://www.memra.com/bofnote2.html

Bill Manning, Daniel McRobb and John Hawkinson, please read them over and
correct any gross errors that may have crept in.

And Stan, please copy them to your site so they can get indexed in the
nifty search engine mentioned at http://www.nanog.org

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