karl and paul, expostulating

What's so elegant about that if a spammer with elementary knowledge
about SMTP and DNS can easily bounce his stuff off of any of the
thousands of unsuspecting hosts and/or use unsuspecting forwarding
name servers in the slave mode?

http://www.sendmail.org/antispam/ has the answer to that. As we find
these servers (which means: as they are used as unintended relays for
the forwarding of spam) we educate their owners and they upgrade. Or
they get blocked during spam episodes, which process will shortly become
automatic. eBGP converges quickly enough that I can inject a /32 and
have it in 4 countries in less than a minute.

They rotate phaser frequencies, we rotate shield frequencies. And while
the war of escalation goes on, providers are educated -- and that's the
real goal, so no matter who's "winning" at the moment, *I* am winning.

Actually, FYR