Just got on this thing (perhaps very belatedly) - root server trouble?

Thats fair, I guess. Perhaps some of those $100 in fees for unused
domains could be used to buy more RAM for root server operators.

This has in fact been done. NSI sent me a replacement for F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET:

MESSAGE Alpha boot: available memory from
                                         _0xe46000 to 0x1fffe000
                                        Digital UNIX V4.0B (Rev. 564); Mon
                                         _Dec 23 14:52:07 PST 1996
                                        physical memory = 512.00 megabytes.
                                        available memory = 497.74 megabytes.
                                        using 1958 buffers containing 15.29
                                         _megabytes of memory
                                        AlphaStation 255/300 system
                                        DECchip 21071

Hey, that's great.

So are you seeing performance problems from all the bloat that they
are allowing to creep into the tables?