Just got on this thing (perhaps very belatedly) - root server trouble?

What is your point? IMHO it's far better for NSI to accept the
applications without working SOA. Otherwise you lock people into paying
ISPs to hold domains for them. While that might give you business,
it's not something that NSI should enforce, or should have to enforce.

The point is that the *NAMESERVERS* aren't even resolvable 30% of the time!

That is, out of the NS records, I can't resolve about 30% of the *NS*
records that are listed in the .COM zone!

All I'm doing right now is a query for the NS lines for "." on the
nameservers which are uniquely represented in the .COM zone. And, as of
right now, about 30% of those NS records don't go anywhere.

I haven't even started looked at the SOAs for the delegations yet....