Just got on this thing (perhaps very belatedly) - root server trouble?

> BTW, there are 2010-complient roots going in. And, if you secondary root
> from us, you'll get that update automatically when it happens.....

And, if you secondary "." from MCS, you will get data that only a small
fraction of the net sees,

Along with all the data that the legacy nameservers have, and along with
better performance (since we're not trying to run 800,000 zones on the same

and it will conflict with data that large portions
of the net see,

Really? What conflict? You mean the one which isn't real yet -- that the
IAHC *created*?

and it will conflict with other petty fiefdoms run by other
provincial wannabes who think that THEY and not MCS ought to run/own ".".

We don't claim to own or run ".".

In fact, our solution has you *SECONDARYING* ".", which means that in
general, other than the requirement for you to be able to reach a source for
that file on a every-few-days basis (to check the SOA record) you no longer
NEED connectivity to the root domain.

This is demonstrably superior; you no longer need to make that query for
".", as you already know who is authoritative for all the TLDs under ".".