Just Carnivore (was: Yahoogroups and Carnivore)

However, given mil-grade VPNs these days, there is no way they can read what

you sent. They can only tell that you sent something. However, I just
discovered the Steganography stuff in my SuSE Linux distribution, hmmmmm.

But, they still know where it came from and where it went.

As Bruce Schneier said, the problem with steganography is that you need
a good cover story for why you're mailing JPG's of giraffes back and forth...

Dear Vladis;

You need to to separate the forward and the inverse
problems here.

Inverse problem : Can you find a few message bytes in
gigabytes of files going back and forth between everyone
on the web, or even on an ISP, in order to find a target ? Probably not; at
least its tough.

Forward problem : GIVEN A TARGET, can you look at all of
their traffic over and over until you find their message
bytes buried in their traffic ? Much higher probability.
And, say, porn to Pakistan will appear in a new light.

I would submit that Carnivore from what I have seen deals
with the easier forward problem.

Marshall Eubanks