junos config commit question

Then you didn’t use “commit confirm” as in the post this replied to.


rollback 0

"rollback 0" discards all your recent changes to the candidate configuration, include "delete interfaces". If you "rollback 0" then run "show | compare" no output will be displayed, meaning your changes have been discarded. Don't run "commit confirm x" when the change is "delete interfaces"

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It is exactly this feature of the junos cli, over and above everything else, that really solidified junos for me as my new preferred platform over IOS. In my case, a central pain point had been the 'immediate punishment' of cli commands taking effect, the inability to 'test' before commit, and the inability to rollback if error. I have made some fat finger mistakes that required dispatching to hours away locations to regain administrative control for example, and while rare, these are now a thing of the past (as long as you are using "commit confirmed").


Sure, but the post I replied to originally was someone stating that commit confirm is problematic when you forget the second commit.

I was explaining the easy way to recover from that scenario and it then got taken out of context… Twice now.