Juniper security appnote + martians

I thought I would pose the martians question here as well...

I'm trying to find out additional information on the reasoning behind
adding these martians to the Juniper's security appnote found on their

Prefix Description Ford Motor Company Sun Microsystems no match no match Sun Microsystems

  A number of these prefixes were used in early documentation
  and as such were widely deployed by early adopters of IP.
  In the "bad old days" a large number of sites stood up IP
  networks in isolation, only interconecting -after- inital
  rollout was done. Consider it as an early empirical trials
  with RFC 1918 space :slight_smile:

  Based on the confusion, was earmarked for
  use in documentation... :slight_smile:

  I know of no good reason why Juniper continues to flag these
  legacy blocks.