juniper qfx5120-ym - curvature - infinera optic issues


This is a rather interesting issue to see if anyone has ran across this with a Curvature branded 10 or 100G LR optic in a Juniper QFX facing an Infinera wave.

What we’ve noticed is migrating from MX 204 to a new QFX 5120-YM that has an Infinera as the handoff, the circuit just bounces constantly. Disabling ALS will steady the light but the interface will continue to bounce.

What does work is migrating an interface that happens to hang off an ADVA R7; no problem. Circuit even works in a hybrid mode where one side is adva and the other is Infinera, as long as the Infinera side is connected to an MX :slight_smile:

Anyhow, curious to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar. Our next step is to test tomorrow with OEM optics and see if the trouble follows.