Join us for the NANOG 63 BCOP Track!

Hello NANOG,

This is a friendly notification of the BCOP Track to be held at NANOG 63 in
San Antonio.

We’d (the BCOP Committee) like to invite you to come participate at our
track. Participation can take (at least) two forms:

1) Come present your idea for a BCOP!

Do you have a question that needs answered about the current operational
practice for some portion of your network? Or maybe you have some insight
to share about how something is best done?

Remember that there are no dumb questions here and no BCOP is too basic or
too simple. The things that you take for granted as common sense are new
information for many other network engineers all around the world. Come
tell us the question you’d love to have answered, or the practice you’d
love to see spread!

2) Come observe, and provide feedback.

There are currently 4 active NANOG-BCOP drafts:
Public Peering Exchange Participant -
Ethernet OAM -
DDoS/DoS Attack -
eBGP Configuration -

We will be discussing all of these documents, including considering moving
some of them forward for last call and ultimately, publication as community
vetted BCOPs! So, come vet them. :wink:

We will likely also be discussing the Anti-Spoofing BCOP draft that is set
to come out of security community stealth mode any day now.

I hope to see many of you at the NANOG 63 BCOP Track in just a few short


PS - to stay up to date on all things NANOG-BCOP, join our mailing list:

PPS - you can also reach the entire commity for questions at: