join the Internet Backbone

We have a local, new, competitor who generally lies out his ass and also says
'We are the Internet backbone. Only we can offer you 100% Full Bandwidth'.
They have a T1 to a provider with a T1 to MCI and a T1 to AGIS.

Of course, they claim to have 3 T3s and they claim that MAE-East an
unimportant private exchange point between AT&T and Sprint.

And they solicit our customers, sigh.

And someone with 2 T1s to Sprint has been saying "We are *the* Internet
Backbone in South Jersey".

I think every area and country has their liars and charletons. What you
say is nothing new. You just have to keep plowing ahead and maintain
a high level of service and connectivity and users will stay with you.
Those that switch will come back after the FBNs (Fly By Nights), turn