Jeanette Symons (1962-2008) a commerical Internet Pioneer

It was with great sadness that I read about the un-timely death of my friend and colleague Jeanette in a plane crash in . Jeanette died flying, which was one of the activities she loved to do. I meet her before she started flying and when she moved back to she took up flying. We would be talking on the phone and she would say that it was VFR and she needed to go. VFR – Visual Flight Rules for flying without instruments which was all she was rated for at the time.

I meet Jeanette at Hayes Microcomputer Products where we were working on a project together. People would think that we were brother and sister since we both had curly back hair and looked alike. When she wanted to move back to , which she missed, I introduced her to Rob Ryan the head of Haye’s West coast operations. When she was in we would eat Chinese, made by my wife, at my place. When we were in we would eat Sushi at several of her favorite places in Western San Francisco and .

Jeanette, Rob, Jay Duncanson and Steve Speckenbach left Hayes to start Ascend Communications and developed the TNT central site dial up modem, ISDN and Ethernet switch that handled most of the dial up Internet traffic for years. Ascend was purchased by Lucent and she and Mori started Zhone Technologies.

Her new venture was started because her children wanted to blog with their friends and she was worried about them being on line.

Jeanette will be missed.

John Lee

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info on where to send, e.g. brother george's current address etc, please?


From the local paper, "Life of Achievement Cut Short on Icy Night". What the article does not say, I assume because it is for local consumption, is the weather Friday was pretty bad. Icy and very blustery:

Very sad.