I am one of the operators of EVIX and we recently made data available via IX-F Member Export JSON which is also sometimes known as IXPDB JSON. Someone, who I am unclear if it is IX-F, Euro-IX, someone else, or maybe all of them are the same people, has a list of IXPs, especially those with this JSON data. Accompanying that, are participants to these exchanges, all of the route servers or all the exchanges in one large list, and IXP switches, which is slightly odd. This resource is available at https://ixpdb.euro-ix.net/en/ixpdb/providers/. Now that we have the JSON data available we are wondering how to become part of the list.

Does anyone have a contact for someone affiliated with this list? At this point the best we can do is email the contacts listed at the bottom of the github page for the schema (https://github.com/euro-ix/json-schemas).

Thank you to anyone that can assist.

Thanks ~ Bryce Wilson, AS202313, EVIX AS137933