IX Peering - BGP Session Filtering Best Practice

Just wondering how far everyone is going on filtering BGP sessions when peering with other content providers and carriers over an internet exchange.

What are you doing.

1. Just filtering out IPv4 Reserved Space, RFC 1918, and Default Routes.

2. AS Path Filtering. Only filtering by the AS's that are present in the IRR Record.

3. Filtering by IP Prefix based on the IRR Record for the Peer. (Yes some Prefix Filter list can be a couple thousand lines)

4. Doing both #3 and 4 listed above.

Besides Peering DB is there any software to help keep track of IX and Peering info. So far I have only found IXP-MANGER

You might want to check out Console by IIX (www.iix.net).

They are re-shaping peering automation with SDN.

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