IT Survey Request: Win an iPad2 or Kindle!

[JC Wrote] A more cynical view The cynic in me wonders how they will track how many people I forwarded this to. I plan to win the prize for "the person who refers the survey
to the most number of people" by forwarding it to millions of people. :slight_smile:
(I suspect that the prize will be won by the person who others (who take the survey) claim referred them to the survey, which is different from the criteria set for the prize.)

Hi JC,
Sorry i missed seeing your message. The survey has a field to enter "Referred by". So the people you forward the link to will use your name in the "Referred by" field. You are right that we rely on the people filling out the survey to be honest in specifying who referred them. Hopefully, that would be the case as emails are forwarded by people to their trusted contacts.