ISPs' willingness to take action

* But customers of broadband ISP aren't going to want to pay more than

$40 a

month for any such thing you add,

You are right about the average customer. But this mythical beast is
composed of some less than average customers who just want plain
vanilla cheap service and some more than average customers who are
ready and willing to pay for a service that adds value.

Let's foist this problem off on the marketing department and
ask them why we don't have a plain vanilla unprotected
Internet service for advanced users and a deluxe high
priced service including filtering and free AV software
for the segment that is willing to pay for value add?

let that virus come into my computer" ... "It came over YOUR


Do people phone up the city to complain because the burglar drove
over municpal roads to get to their house? I'm surprised that a
first level support department isn't equipped with a set of
"correct" analogies to help educate (and calm) the customers.

We had some users that were happy we had cut them off, and told them that
they had a problem (virus or otherwise).

That is becoming the norm. Filtering port 135 or 92 byte pings is
a service that customers don't want. They are justified in complaining
if you implement such a service. But when the customer starts to
violate the AUP (even unknowingly) they are disrupting other users
and should be shut off. The correct analogy is when disruptive customers
get ejected from a bar by the bouncer. Or when the police give a traffic
ticket to the little old lady doing 30 mph on the freeway.

--Michael Dillon