ISP's In Uproar Over Verizon-MCI Merger

..and life is probably going to get a lot more interesting
for service providers.

All today, we have leaders in the field with completely opposite
views of the word:

U.S. Broadband Policy Exists -- And Works, Claims NTIA's Gallagher


Nortel chief: U.S. needs new broadband vision

And just to make life more fun, it looks like there's an effort
afoot to get VoIP consumers to pay (read: tax) into the USF:

New taxes could slam Net phone users

So, aren't you glad that life isn't boring? :wink:

- ferg

Well, if my reading of the FCC ruling is correct, in 270 days (from the date
of the ruling) the ILEC's will not be paying any USF fees on broadband
anymore, since cable does not have to pay, so they have already stated they
are "reviewing" options for alternate funding. Gee, Why not VOIP.....