ISP Security BOF @NANOG 39

For some crazy reason I've agreed again to chair the ISP Security BOF
at NANOG 39 in Toronto. If you've got items you'd like to discuss, like
to see discussed, or would prefer not be presented, please let me
know ASAP.

The two agenda items for the moment are meant to be, in the very spirit
of a BOF, loose panel discussions on the following topics:

The root of a log: Extracting Intelligence from the Woods
Botnet C&C: Extirpate or Infiltrate?

If you'd be interested in sharing your views, please let me know,
although RSVP is not necessary. Slides are welcome but not

Thanks in advance, see you in Toronto!


i wanna hear/see Defending the NANOG net. i.e. how the local
net is geared for security. i am especially interested as we
will be needing to do a lot more for the AfNOG net this year,
and could use the tech transfer.