ISP Page (Backbones, NAP's , etc)

Hello all,

Sean Donelan's "Peering Matrix" message (a couple of weeks ago) has
motivated to me to do a significant update to my "Russ Haynal's ISP Page"

This page now has links to ALL ISP's connected to 3 or more Exchange Points.
Additionally, I have included links to a ALL the Backbone maps as well
(when I could find them)

If anyone knows the URL's of any of the few "Missing" Backbone Map's, let
me know and I will add them. (ISP's may want to verify that I am pointing
towards your "Most recent" backbone map)

I would also appreciate any tips you have for additional value-added links
to round-out the ISP/Backbone table, such as These graphs of "Exodus'
Internet Exchange Traffic" ( )

Enjoy the ISP Page - hope it helps.

Russ Haynal


Nice job on your ISP page. Lots of useful information.

I have started a collection of links on my ISP page related to
international connectivity that might be of interest to you. It is mostly
layer 1 stuff related to submarine cables like FLAG, FOG, SEA-ME-WE-3,
etc. You can check it out at