ISP Domain Auction

Re the domain aucition, Randy Bush writes:

My personal opinion is that the IANA should recommend that the InterNIC
simply unregister the names.

A quick perusal of the Internic policy for domain names states that

  "... as an express condition and material inducement of the grant of an
   applicant's ('Applicant') request to register a Domain Name, Applicant
   represents and warrants as follows:


  (b) Applicant has a bona fide intention to use the Domain Name on a
    regular basis on the Internet;


Interpretation is left to the reader.

I couldn't find much else that speaks to this issue. While I'm in
agreement with the sentiment to unregister the names, unless there has
actually been a violation of a formal agreement, I think it would be a
grave mistake for the Internic to do so. It would be a quick ride to the
bottom of a very slippery slope.