ISP CALEA compliance

Steve Bellovin said:

I've tried hard to keep this discussion factual, with copious
references. But I think I've run out of things to say that are even
vaguely on-topic, so I'll shut up.

Anytime the word CALEA is pops up here the threads tend to quickly
degenerate into a large demonstration of a serious lack of knowledge.
This is also not an area that is typically managed by operational
people at the engineer level, it's a function run from regulatory and
legal side of the business.

Too bad the PC hasn't solicited a talk in this area. They ought to.
There are at least two companies participating in NANOG that provide
CALEA service bureaus, past employees of either with direct, relevant
experience, and current employees of both that read the list.


NeuStar: (Formerly FiduciaNet)




Too bad the PC hasn't solicited a talk in this area. They ought to.

Too bad that the collective-we choose to beat up the PC for not
providing agenda information in advance, and then change tack
to beat them up when the increased transparency of incremental
information for confirmed talks doesn't cover current timely
issues such as earthquake impact or regulatory vagaries. Rather
than assuming, suggestions for ways to provide insight to
agenda works-in-progress would be useful.