I have a cisco cmts that forwards dhcp requests to an ISC dhcp server.
I have a working configuration for this. I am trying to set up ISC
DHCPD so that it can handle multiple shared-networks. I cannot seem to
get this working correctly. If there is an expert "in the house" who
can offer me a few minutes of your time to look over a configuration for
me, please send me a phone number/email offlist and I'll discuss

To all who have responded. THANK YOU. I found the issue and it has now
been resolved. Actually, it was Bryan Scott at Wireless Beehive that
found the issue. For those that wonder, it was a problem where certain
attributes were being returned for some clients and not others. After
moving the problem attributes to another area of the configuration, the
issue was resolved. Big thanks to those who offered insights (some of
you offered assistance that I did not directly respond to, but I did
look at your suggestions and tried several of them).