Is Server process down ????

  I've been trying to get a response out of whois
  from for the better part of an hour.

Despite evidence to the contrary (like the presence of
the string "" in the string ""),
"" is not the same as "".
Nor is it the same as "".

Perhaps this isn't completely obvious.

Anyhow, now you know.

An obvious conclusion you might draw from this data is that
reporting problems with the RA.NET whois server should really
be done through a different mechanism.

I suppose there are a number of other conclusions you might
draw from this data, such as the fact that perhaps your mail
message wasn't really appropriate for the North American
Network Operators' Group mailing list.

I only include in the envelope of this message
since a number of other members of the mailing list may be
operating under similiar, somewhat understandable, misconceptions.
I omit it from the headers to contrain replies.