is there still a BGP-understanding person at


  Did anyone recently see anyone from that does not get
confused by "show ip bgp <prefix>" output or did the bankruptcy force them
to cut payroll so much that they cannot afford anyone but a Chubb Institute


I could really use an assist from someone at Sprint - I'm a
consultant for an AS that receives service from two ISPs who peer with
Sprint. One of them is a healthy regional who listens to me about BGP,
the other, well, I wish them the best of luck, but we really, really,
really want to put a stop to inconsistent AS path problems. We have a
/24 from Sprint space that came from the large healthy ISP and the
little one has presented it as being sourced from their AS - this is
fixed now, but we want permanent relief from the problem. The small ISP
lacks internal BGP cluons, they refuse to use mine, and the AS owner has
had more than enough.

  We've asked the little ISP to have their filter modified so they can't
present our prefix but they're still trying to 'retain the account'.
I've filled out a request on the Sprint web interface for BGP filters
for their private line, carefully explaining the situation, and instead
of getting contact from Sprint to sort it all out, they apparently just
notified the little ISP that we made the request, which has triggered a
further, unwanted round of 'customer service'.

  This is *not* a big deal, but there isn't an appropriate checkbox on
the otherwise spiffy Sprint BGP request form that covers this situation,
so I'm pleading for help here.

Geez, all I wanted was a little help, and I get pounced on by a
platoon of eager Sprint BGP gurus.

  The desired filter change, it is done, and Sprint, who has always been
my first choice as a provider, just lengthened their lead a little more.

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