Is there anyone at Netcom with a clue

If there's anyone at Netcom who can read English, I'd appreciate a
hand. The operational item is that ongoing abuse is being ignored,
and shunted into form-letters that look stupid.

Netcom was my first ISP. They were also the first I canceled.
And I had to do it via my credit card company because there was
no one there that would speak ... any language.

A couple years later I did get a call from someone at Netcom. At
first, when they said "Netcom", I thought it was going to be someone
trying to collect a past due account (since I had to cut off payment
to get them cut off, it would look to their books like unpaid). He
then said he had a copy of my resume and asked me if I might be
interested in working for them. I related my experiences to him
and asked if the problems had been corrected, yet. He said he didn't
know. I said it probably wasn't the place for me to work. He then
said "probably not".

It's corporate culture. Beware.

OTOH, I get relatively little spam from Netcom. Go figure.

They seem to have finally gotten the clue last year, having dumped a couple
big spammers.

But they CONTINUE to send back auto-acks to spam complaints that make them
look like they are run by a bunch of untrained monkeys.