Is there a case for storm control and/or unknown traffic flood control in 'protected' bridge-domain?


Conceptually, a layer 2 port that is configured for either port protect mode (a’la Cisco 2950 vintage), UNI port-type (a’la Cisco ME3400 vintage) or EVC + split-horizon (a’la ME3600 vintage) should negate any requirement for features such as storm control or unknown traffic flood control to be configured in conjunction with either of those port modes. In theory then, either of the three aforementioned configuration modes would prevent any and all cross-talk between ports, in the same bridge-domain, notwithstanding traffic hitting the ‘trusted’ port, be it the trunk or uplink port, SVI, routed BD or whatever name your hardware uses to define that trusted port.

Assuming that’s an accurate theory, is there a case that I might be missing where one would need to use storm control or unknown traffic flood control in this sort of environment?