Is the .to (Tonga) domain completely rogue and should be removed?

Thus spake Barry Shein

> > > All that proves is someone has a sense of humor. I've seen plenty of
> > No I think it indicates that a bunch of clowns have taken over what
> Actually, it proves that they are running the Juniper SMTP and haven't
Well, maybe you missed the part about the website for the San
Francisco Consulate of the Kingdom of Tonga (which the US State Dept
lists as their official presence in the US) being an advertisement for
a software company.

Uh, no. All I was trying to do was add a little information to the
discussion. If I had known nothing about Juniper but knew something
that explained why you saw an ad on the website I would have addressed
that issue. I wasn't even arguing for or against your position. All I
was trying to do was correct a factual error.

It was all part of a picture that the .to domain may have ceased to
serve as a country TLD for the Kingdom of Tonga.

And as I tried to point out, part of the picture was false. Those
messages are the standard ones that come with a particular SMTP daemon.
Not that I am suggesting that there would be something wrong with
having a sense of humour but in this case it was simply a more or less
blind software install.

What if a country ceased to exist entirely and the domain they were
using was hijacked by some random, unrelated entity for their own
malicious purposes? Would that justify decommissioning the TLD

I don't know. I'm not the one making these decisions. Are you?

(meaning, removing it from the root servers)?

Ok, no need to be patronizing. I think everyone here knows what you mean.