Is the .to (Tonga) domain completely rogue and should be removed?

[ In reply to a private message from Jeremy Porter. ]

Maybe you should post a clarification that you do not feel RBL is
the same a terriorism. That is certainly the appearance you gave.
In all the messages in the thread posted to nanog my was the only
replace that suggested solutions, and it was on topic.

Done. Yes, when I mentioned the T-word, I was not refering to the RBL. The
RBL is voluntary and allows people to deny others access to THEIR OWN
machines. It has nothing to do with people trying to deny others access to
machines the perpetrators do NOT own - that is what I take issue with.

Your accusations of terrorism, stupidity and your pity are not
needed on Nanog, perhaps on other mailing lists such comments are

I see absolutely no call for you to be advocating denial of service attacks
anywhere - and ESPECIALLY not on NANOG, where everyone *knows better anyhow*.

The knife cuts both ways.

I hope no one using an account, or an account at my upstream,
ever even comes close to getting you upset because it sounds like in a
situation like that, you would advocate a DoS attack against the network
involved. I'm sorry, but I am not retracting my statement that that IS
terrorism, and there is absolutely no call for it, and if you commit a DoS
attack you deserve whatever sanctions you get hit with, either by your
upstream or the law.