Is the .to (Tonga) domain completely rogue and should be removed?

I'm not sure what your problem is or what prompted this childish
remark. I'm sorry if I presented what I believe to have been a
reasoned comment with evidence and documentation etc. and somehow
elicted this from you. I can't figure out why, however.


Really, Barry, it never ceases to amaze me how people turn
their particular experience or view of something on the Internet
into what reality is or what should happen. After all Barry,
YOU have seen .to domains used for criminal activities, and
none of them to the contrary! Oh-my-God! That must mean
that the whole TLD is nothing but a joke, or a haven for these people.
I'd laugh but it's not really funny.

See, originally I was going to write an email on how Tonga had
contacted IANA to run this idea of a registry by them. After all,
it is their domain and they saw a business opportunity. Given
that we have certain other TLDs selling domains (say, oh, .COM and .NET),
I think the IANA figured it was their TLD to do with as they pleased.
(within reason, of course)

Now, a good possible issue you could have brought up is .to addresses
being used outside of Tonga, although I think this is a pretty moot
point. But, reality is that it's silly to use DNS (or really anything else)
to try and pinpoint geography on the Internet. Unless you are suggesting
a plan to monitor inverse DNS mapping, I don't think there's much
you can do here.

Instead, you choose to bring up spamming activities and criminal
activities. Well, gee, when was the last time you contacted the
InterNIC over a spam issue, Barry? Like TONIC, it's a *public* registry.
Like TONIC, it has *nothing* to do with spamming issues.

It would be completely out of line for the NANOG and other communities
to try and address the real problem of spamming by looking
at TLDs. That is completely missing the problem, and a waste of time.
Not only that, but it gets regulators interested in the wrong
area. Do you really want regulators deciding what you can and cannot
do with domain names or TLDs? Think about it. (and that's a different
issue than whether it's legal to spam with a domain)

My apologies to cc'ing NANOG again. I tried to make light of
the idiocies but failed.


P.S. My affiliation with Best has nothing to do with this. TONIC could
     move easily to another ISP.

P.P.S. Your "points" about them running a humerous version of
       sendmail scare me because they're so bogus.

Well, I'll grant this response is much better than your initial
sarcastic remarks.

Do I want regulators involved in some of these processes? At this
point, I'm not sure, perhaps.

I do think the total inability of the community to regulate or govern
itself is, at this point, a sad fact.