Is the .to (Tonga) domain completely rogue and should be removed?

Not that I would advocate such activity, but unless there
exists an extradition treaty that allows for computer trespass
or denial of service attacks, I imagine that a few weeks of
being hacked and DoS attacks would have them reconsidering
the fee's that they charge to spam houses. Or they could
be put on the RBL list, and i imagine people that are using
.to for non spam reasons, would demand something be done.

Despite other's protest, there is accountablility in the Internet
even without accountability in local, state, federal, or international
There seems very little risk involved in doing something active
to solve the problem due to the nature of international law, etc.
(If they sue you in a Tonga court, what good will that do? If the
sue in a us court what basis can they claim if they are really
part of Tonga, at any rate in action in the US opens them up to
legal action from you.)

I hope you're kidding.

This statement is an order of magnitude dumber than anything Barry's
contributed to this thread.

Agreed! SPAM-L has determined, over years of operation (including getting
CyberPromo busted out of Agis), that the most effective policy is
reasonable complaint, followed by blackholing (a la RBL). Any "Cracker" or
DoS attacks simply open you up for criminal charges and actually place the
spam-haus in a favorable light wrt LEOs. They then become the "oh so
innocent and helpless" victim. Also, there are a lot of TO SLDs that aren't
spam-hauses. The normal SPAM complaint process to their upstream providers
usually does the trick, regardless of what domain they're in.