Is the .to (Tonga) domain completely rogue an

Mr. Shein:

You know, Mr Gullichsen, you can answer every complaint you get with
"why didn't you tell us this before!", but it's not fooling anyone.

I don't answer every complaint with that reply, nor did I answer your
complaint in that manner. What I did was to bring to your attention
Tonic's published antispam policy, and to request that if you were
having problems with SPAM involving any .TO domain names, that you inform
us as to what those names are, so we can deal with them in accordance
with our policy.

So why was the Consulate's web page changed from an advertisement for
a software company to something having to do with the Kingdom of Tonga
in the past couple of hours?

We recently moved a number of servers to a colocated facility
for improved bandwidth. The mail POP for the Consulate was one of these,
and now runs on a machine supporting a number of virtual IP addresses.
There is no web page for the Consulate, and as a result of the fact that
there was no explicit VirtualHost directive for
in the Apache config file, web accesses defaulted to another
virtual IP on the same machine, which is that of a software company.

As a result of your discovering this, I recently added a VirtualHost
directive so that accesses to port 80 on the IP address
return the Tonga Visitor's Bureau home page,
Thank you for pointing this out.

You may note that the Tonga Visitor's Bureau home page also
prominently features an advertisement for Tonic.

This is intentional.


- Eric Gullichsen
  Tonic Corporation
  Kingdom of Tonga Network Information Center

Look, Mr Gullichsen, why don't you answer the underlying question and
explain why you keep registering domains for these ADULTSIGHTS.COM
criminals to use, sometimes more than once per day?

It has to be generating hundreds of complaints daily.

It's been going on today under yet another .to domain.

So which is it? Gross incompetence, negligence, or complicity?

I don't think saying that you'll remove any spammer domain when you
hear a complaint and then NOT saying (and a minute later you'll give
them a new domain to use) is a satisfactory answer.

But thank you for affirming that, as I said, the web page for the
Consulate of Tonga was changed today from an ad for a software company
to something to do with Tonga.

Gosh, this is exactly what my ten seconds of observation earlier this
afternoon told me. And that's with ZERO connection to the entire Tonga
matter, except that I am (along with other NANOG readers) getting very
tired of your increasingly emotional and irrational claims.

Please take your ranting to domain-policy, which is a more appropriate
forum for your discussion. This in about politics, not operations.

(not my employer)

Barry Shein wrote: