Is everyone getting the ugliness?

I'm rather shocked that allows a group to have addresses included in it that haven't confirmed opt-in. The constant loop of nanog through the group to my mailbox as trash (I don't read foreign languages, thus trash) is annoying.

Anyone else having this problem? Who can kindly kill that address from the list feed until the genius piping that address's email into stops (and hopefully kindly deletes the group or removes my email address from it).


Yes. I'm getting that as well. It's appending weird characters onto every message. I'm getting many messages in duplicate (with and without the characters).

Though this message I only received once and without the characters.

It appears threads started yesterday are affected.

Jack Bates wrote:

We're working to correct this

Kris, MLC Chair

While we're at dealing with mailing list issues, can the mailing list be fixed to include a Sender: header with messages, so that Sender ID implementations don't get unhappy about every single message going through the list?

This came up about half a year ago and seems to have fallen by the wayside and never got any traction.

- S