Is anyone using GILAT's "Spacenet" service

Hi all,

Is anyone using Gilat's "Spacenet" we are looking in to them to tie some of
our remote offices via there "Frame" service. I would like to know how well
they work and what you experience has been with them.. Also they are telling
us sub 500ms RTT which I do not believe.

Shaun Bryant

Aloha Shaun

I believe the Free space propagation at 12/14 GHz. is close enough to
light for this use, so:
44,600miles (round-trip to satellite) / 186,000 mps = .23978 seconds x 2
= .47956 sec.


500ms RTT which I do not believe.

Try more like 500-2000

I've been on both Telstar 7 and GE satellites in their network and it's

NOC/CS is a pain to work with.

Major problem though. Not only do you have to deal with RAIN fade at
your locations, but they only have one uplink facility and when they get
"covered" everyone in the network is dead. They have no back-up's.

You have to RPA/HPA (proxy) all your HTML traffic and E-Mail, FTP,
TELNET are VERY SLOW since it doesn't use their HTML proxy.