is anyone else having trouble posting to nanog?

Is anyone else having trouble posting to nanog? My posts since Saturday haven't made it to the list, although the mail made it to OK.
Hopefully this email will make it through. :slight_smile:

Janet Sullivan wrote:

Is anyone else having trouble posting to nanog?

Naturally, the message that said I was having trouble posting made it through fine. <laugh> Here's what I've been trying to post:

The net-co-op mailing list (coop at is now up.

To subscribe:

Email coop-subscribe at

or go to

Suggested topics for the new coop (koop?) list:

1) Physical co-location co-ops like or - do you have a server co-located in one? Would you like to? Are you interested in starting something similar in your own city?

2) Virtual co-ops: We don't need no stinkin' brick and mortar. What can we do with a distributed group of personal servers? Basic things like secondary DNS and MX come to mind, but I think we can also look at more advanced possibilities. Would we want to make a standardized net-co-op looking glass script that volunteers would run? Could we monitor each others servers? If we get enough servers on diverse networks, could this health monitoring be extended to be a poor mans Internet monitoring system? Would we mirror each others personal websites? How about DNS round robins to load balance mirrored content? Would we want to host sites for charities? Etc.

3) Personal Server Co-location. See

4) Community building: Part of establishing all this will require us to get to know each other, so basic chat is encouraged. If the chatting becomes too much for one list, I'll create a second list and coop will remain the operational list. Please post an introduction when you subscribe. List archives can be viewed at