Is anyone actually USING IP QoS?

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Danny, boy, who the hell are you? You certainly picked the
wrong tree to bark at. Go ask someone who knows me (like Vab)
to make sure i'm not a newbie and know what i'm talking about.

Ahh, I see. Everything sux, but give me cash (pun intended :slight_smile: and I'll give
you cold fusion.

It only means that i do not want to discuss patentable things in a public forum.
BTW, if you did a little bit of research you'd find that i was directly involved
in building backbones in 50-something countries (including the first commercial
T-3/OC-3 backbone) and founded few companies in backbone / router equipment space
(and, yes, i did invent few things like terabit routers).

many to many, perhaps it does have it's challenges. one to many, it works

We have a different understanding of what constitutes "working". See also
the comment about flying pigs.

Summary: It sux, I can't can't tell you why, but it just sux!

I have no intention to deliver lectures on computer science here. Go buy
a textbook and learn a thing or two on computational complexity. Then
we can have a meaningful discussion.

(As a side note - i find the ignorance of engineering professionals about
basic facts of the underlying science quite alarming; i guess the american
educational system puts too much emphasis on skills and too little on the
broader cirriculum, particularly mathematics. The very fact that engineering
people tend to dismiss logical conclusions as opinions, instead of trying
to find flaws in the logic, is a clear indicator of the absymal state of
overall comprehension of the scientific methodology).

However, if he sends enough mail to NANOG, he'll likely find someone to fund
even shoving a rocket up a dogs ass :slight_smile:

My last startup raised $23M and is doing fine (, thanks.


This bears reiteration. When I was in college, I learned a lot about
statistics, which aside from being fun in an abstract way, I thought I'd
never ever use that in my day job.