IRRd Add New Maintainer (irr_rpsl_submit ?)


I have installed IRRd and I am trying to set it up, just for study
purposes. I have successfully mirrored some DBs but I cant handle to
make my very first maintainer creation. irrd-user.pdf seems to be the
only documentation around and it says nothing about "How the admin
creates a maintainer" it only says that the password used in irrd.conf
is the one.

Here's what I am trying:

# cat /tmp/step-1
mntner: MAINT-AS65500
descr: Test Inc
admin-c: Dudu M
tech-c: Dudu M
mnt-by: MAINT-AS65500
changed: 20110518
source: SAMPLEDB

And the command:

# cat /tmp/step-1 | /usr/local/sbin/irr_rpsl_submit -x -D -v -E
"" -c "23AWrNgTooc32"

I always get the following error:

May 18 04:23:16 [18267] #ERROR: New maintainers must be added by a DB
May 18 04:23:16 [18267] Forwarding new request to

Can someone please help me? I know it seems very simple but I have no
idea how to do that.

Thank you.

I managed adding the appropriated entries on my .db file by hand but I
believe there's a better way to do so, since this way a restart is

I am sorry asking it up here but I believe someone will be able to
help be since irrd-discuss mailing list is so quiet.