Hi Brian,

Barring all of the obvious flames about the "if's" involved (number of
data points, statistical methodology, what constitutes a violation,
multiple violations, Merit stats don't mean anything, etc.) this doesn't
look real good. If there are about 42000 paths in the "default-free"
routing table (this part we know), and every last one of them is
registered in the IRR (which isn't true), ~25% of the routes on the
Internet do not jive with the IRR, according to these Merit stats.

The IRR AS origin discrepancy web page counts the number of announcements per
provider that have an AS origin that differs from what is registered in the
IRR. So, if two providers announce the same mis-registered prefix, this prefix
will be counted twice. Though the number is still high, I suspect that
percentage of incorrectly resgistered routes is much lower than 25%.

We don't have numbers for the number of unique routing table entries that have
IRR origin discrepancies, bit it might be useful to look at a chart of some of
the larger providers. With the exception of Sprint, most providers seem to
have ~10% error in their BGP announcements (of course, this is from a very
small sampling).

(Data from 11/18/96)
Provider #RT entries #discrep %