.iq [ was: Re: Paul Vixie serving ORSN ]

> For those who care about excesses of zeal, the Elashi brothers (operators
> as well as sponsor delagees of .iq) of someplace in Texas, were charged with
> giving money to Hamas or a charity linked to Hamas, and sending a PC to Syria,
> and parts of a PC -- perhaps a mouse pad -- to Libya.


Thanks Dan, I've read it, several times, and the prior and subsequent
filings, and the referenced export regs as well.

It all comes down to pretending a PC is a supercomputer, pretending that
ordinary Syrians, let alone nuclear weapons proliferating Syrians, didn't,
in this period, routinely drive from Damascus to Beruit, and an untested
claim of money laundering, and a lot of highly excited politically
ambitious people in North America.

The Elashis didn't run a great cctld before the present excitement, but
a lot of cctld operators could then be, and can now be, similarly