IPv6 Subscriber Access Deployments

Sure, but in that latter case, it is not link-local only.

It doesn’t matter where the /n (where n is (preferably) a member of {64, 126, 127}) for the point-to-point link is issued, so long as there is a GUA on the link.


Owen DeLong <owen@delong.com> writes:

Sure, but this is a useless savings that comes at the cost of awkward traceroute output
that will initially confuse your new employees and consistently confuse your customers.

Like MPLS or asymmetric routing...

Noone wants unnecessarily confused employees or customers, but I don't
think confusing traceroute output comes very high on the network design
criteria list these days :slight_smile:

Whether the savings are useless depends on how you count the cost.
Address space savings are of course pointless, but managing address
allocations does have a cost. It doesn't have to be high, but it is a
cost you have to consider.

FWIW, we decided to go with an IA_NA based WAN GUA for CPE management
purposes - we needed a management address and didn't want to steal from
the customers IA_PD prefix.