IPv6 Residential Deployment Survey

Definitively, please respond to the survey.

The point here is to be able to tell the ISPs, “hey why are you using /64 instead of /48 (or /56). You know that with /64, your customers can’t have different subnets in their network, for example an /64 in the SSID for guest, or different /64 for the home office and the kids ? You know that homenet will not work if you provide something smaller than /56 ? You know that only x% of ISP are using /64“, etc. …

Ideally the survey should be responded by the ISPs, but we know that many of them (even if they don’t need to provide personal data) will not do it, so customers are able to respond as well.

We will then manually try to avoid duplicate data from the same ISP, to avoid having a distorsion in the stats, or clarify the data if there are inconsistencies, etc.

At the moment we got 225 responses (57 complete), most of them right now from RIPE NCC. Some people is not filling the “complete” survey, they can come back later to complete it and click “submit”, otherwise, we will manually “close” the incomplete surveys and account only for the fields that have been submitted.

Hopefully this community can help to increase the responses from ARIN members !

Thanks a lot !