IPv6 "real world" testing plea...

Hi guys,

Could really use some feedback here as it's quite difficult to test IPv6 services given nobody really seems to give much of a toss about it in the "real world".

I work for Absolute Radio in the UK (formally Virgin Radio) - a national commercial radio service - and we have always been quite keen to support as many platforms and technologies as we can for our online streaming listeners.

As such I want to make sure our own network and infrastructure can be as IPv6 ready as we can. Our network has a couple of good transit links for IPv6 including, if I may name check for a second, Hurricane Electric who have been very supportive of IPv6 with us.

Anyhoo; I'm relatively happy that our first native IPv6 streaming platform is working ok but I'd appreciate it if anyone out there who is IPv6 enabled would have a go and let me know if there are any issues. If you experience buffering or drop-outs it'd be great to receive (off-list) a traceroute so I might diagnose.

Only Windows Media at the moment, but I hope to launch a icecast driven OGG stream soon as well along with some multicast variants....

Addresses are:
http://wm-ipv6.as34763.net/vruk_vr_hi [Absolute Radio (Poprock)]
http://wm-ipv6.as34763.net/vruk_vc_hi [Absolute Radio Classic Rock]
http://wm-ipv6.as34763.net/vruk_vx_hi [Absolute Radio Xtreme (Mainstream alternative*)]

If tests are successful hopefully we can launch publically and encourage a few other broadcasters (and indeed network providers) to take IPv6 more seriously.



*yeah alright that's a complete oxymoron; but I don't know how else to describe it!