IPv6 over vxlan+evpn Arista?

Hi all, was curious if anyone is doing dual stack v4/v6 over Arista’s implementation of vxlan / evpn (the inter-data center transport would be v4)? They have plenty of references for v4 deployments but had to check on v6 support, which can make one nervous; they did confirm it’s supported. Looking to leverage it as a way to migrate a dual-stack data center without re-addressing.



Do you need to carry the v6 af in the underlay? I’ve used 6pe/6vPE to carry v6 over v4 next-hops in the overlay without issue, but can’t say I’ve tested a dual-stack vtep.

Nope the underlay can be v4-v4, just need to be able to carry the v4+v6 overlay to allow for migration of addresses.