IPv6 filterers watch out: eBay gets 2001:0:500::/41


As the below is of course a 'good to see they are going at IPv6' thing
this one is of course nice. But there is an additional point in it which
might cause folks to check up on their filtering: it's a /41.

Just to make clear again, ARIN IPv6 PI allocs can be of size /40 - /48.

So better check your filters if this can get through when they get
around doing so :wink:

My suggestion: use the relaxed filters (2000::/3 = /16 - /48).
When crunch-time comes that there are 1m routes, you can always filter
more specifically, but as we are still < 1000 routes, give yourself and
your routers some slack...

Enjoy the weekend (we have sun in Dublin *wow*, jump in garden :slight_smile: !