IPv6 eyeballs?

Hi all,

This seems like the proper time to ask, seeing how many people are there
asking for IPv6 transit - does anyone have any kind of stats how many
eyeballs are there that have IPv6, and are there any of them that have a
better service over v6 that over v4 (my guess here is universities or
other academical institutions that have really big v6 pipes)?

The reason for this question is that s few weeks ago I wrote an initial
list of what we (as a medium-sized content provider) need to do to be
able to push traffic over v6, and with careful testing and everything it
should fit in six months. What's not known is it worth to start
implementing it. We pretty much accept as given that no carrier will
limit its own users to v6 only in the near (1-2-3 year) future, but with
stuff like CGN/LSN degradation could be expected to show up in the v4