IPv6 explicit BGP group configs


keith tokash wrote:

I'm prepping an environment for v6 and I'm wondering what, if
any, benefit there is to splitting v4 and v6 into separate groups.
We're running Junipers and things are fairly neat and ordered;

I haven't really looked very hard, since I subscribe to the stated reasons for keeping v4 and v6 sessions apart. (migration, max-pfx, ...)


To my knowledge, JunOS doesn't even support using a single TCP session to exchange routes of all address families. If someone knows how to do this - if even for just IPv4 and IPv6 unicast - let me know ... :wink:

It has limitations, but, it's documented pretty well in the excellent Day One/Day Two Juniper books for IPv6 written by Chris Grundemann.

However, as others have said, I strongly subscribe to the school of "don't do that, it leads to unnecessary pain and provides little benefit.